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Cover Your Tracks

A lot of information is stored on your computer including what websites you have visited. If you are worried that someone might check what you have looking at on your computer you do have options.

Consider going to the library or a friend’s house to use a computer. If you choose to use your computer at home please read the information below. The instructions may not completely cover your tracks as websites that you have visited are stored on your computer as ‘temporary internet files’ and ‘cookies’.

You can clear some evidence of the sites that you have visited and any searches you have done by clearing your web browser’s history.

Instructions on how to delete history & cache from your computer:

Internet Explorer 6

  • Click on the Tools Menu and select Internet Options.
  • On the General page, under Temporary Internet Files, click on Delete Cookies, and the OK.
  • Click on Delete Files, put a tick in the box labeled Delete all offline content and then click OK.
  • Under History, click on Clear History and then OK.
  • Now look at the top of the window and click on the contest tab, select AutoComplete, and finally, Clear Forms.

Internet Explorer 7

  • Click on the Tools Menu and select Internet Options.
  • In the General Page under Browser History, select the Delete button.
  • Either select the Delete Each section: Temporary internet files, Cookies, History, Forms data and passwords; or select the Delete all button at the bottom to clear everything


  • Click on Tools and then Options, then click on Privacy.
  • At private data select settings, ensure that all boxes have been selected and then click on Clear Now

Resetting Safari clears the history, empties the cache, clears the Downloads window, and removes all cookies. It also removes any saved user names and passwords or other AutoFill data and clears Google/Yahoo search entries.

To do this go to the Safari menu at top left hand screen. Choose Reset Safari, and click Reset.

Deleting your browsing history:

Internet browsers also keep a record of all the web pages you visit. This is known as a 'history'. To delete history for Internet Explorer and Netscape/Firefox hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, then press the H key. Find any entries that say, right click and choose Delete. For Safari, select History at top of the screen and choose "Clear History"


Toolbars such as Google and Yahoo keep a record of the search words you have typed into the toolbar search box. In order to erase all the search words you have typed in, you will need to check the individual instructions for each type of toolbar. For example, for the Google toolbar all you need to do is click on the Google icon, and choose "Clear Search History".